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SafeMobile is a premier global two-way radio solution provider and radio systems integrator, honored with the industry's most prestigious awards, partnerships and affiliations. We provide a world of wireless radio data applications, both client-hosted and web-based, with integration services for DMR, TETRA, and P25 radio systems. Professional radio data solutions include GPS/AVL Tracking and Monitoring, Alarms and Historical Playback, Optimized Voice Dispatch, Text Messaging, E-mail, Telemetry, Enhanced Reporting and more.

Leading the industry with revolutionary innovation, SafeMobile's marketplace of radio applications opens a realm of enhanced mobility, connectivity and opportunity for users within the two-way radio ecosystem to increase functionality and optimize performance to save both time and money.

The SafeMobile Solutions Portfolio includes applications for both DMR and TETRA radios worldwide, including: radioPad for complete radio remote control and mobile base station operations, as well as enterprise-grade applications such as image processing, mobile forms, invoicing and ticketing, RFID, credit card processing, biometrics, transmission and processing of video, as well as many more.

SafeMobile offers mobile radio applications and true solutions to real business needs.

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