Fever Cameras: Hot or Not?

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the world and in the video surveillance market—integrators have been hit fairly hard as lockdowns have impeded services, while manufacturers have been helped by the booming market for “fever cameras.”

Hand Sanitization Station Monitored by Symphony Safe Spaces VMS Analytics

Sales of these “fever cameras” (that cannot actually detect fevers, but may detect individuals with elevated skin temperatures who would then undergo a secondary medical scan) are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. However, as with any novel circumstances, significant concerns remain about how effective these devices are as a reliable virus mitigation method.

What are proven, effective virus mitigation methods?

  1. Wearing face masks
  2. Hand sanitization
  3. What does Symphony Safe Spaces provide?
  1. Face mask detection
  2. Hand sanitization detection
  3. Social distancing detection
  4. Occupancy counting
  5. Integration with thermal cameras

So when it comes to reopening a business during a global pandemic, do you:

1. Invest in a solution that doesn’t directly detect fevers but is great for detecting sunburns?


2. Invest in a solution that monitors for actual virus prevention strategies and can integrate with thermal cameras?

If you choose the latter, email sales@safemobile.com for more information.


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