Why Digital Two-Way Radio Apps?

“App” is the great buzzword of the early 21st century. But applications aren’t new; they’ve been around as long as we’ve had computers. These days, there really is an app for just about everything, and that includes digital two-way radios. Apps are another benefit of transitioning to digital technology.

These two-way radio applications aren’t ones you’d find available for download to a cell phone. Digital two-way radios are business tools; and the available applications reflect that.

Many of these apps are location-based, utilizing the radio’s GPS functionality. For instance, there are apps that let school districts use the radios to track the locations of school buses. Marrying that functionality with real-time traffic reports can let school officials know exactly where a bus is and how its route is being affected by traffic conditions, calming the nerves of a concerned parent who may call because the bus is running a few minutes late.

Another example: In a hotel, housekeeping can report to the front desk immediately when rooms are ready to be occupied. Once the housekeeper is finished cleaning and preparing a room, that person can, using the texting feature, send a code to the front desk that the room is ready. Or, using a different code, he or she could report to maintenance that there was something in the room that needs to be repaired.

SafeDispatch & SafeNet Two-Way Radio Apps

SafeDispatch™ (client-hosted) and SafeNet™ (cloud-based) are popular apps designed by SafeMobile for the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO® and Dimetra® lines of digital two-way radios.

SafeDispatch™ and SafeNet™ are quality text, voice, and location solutions that are easily deployable, maintainable, and cost effective. They offer push-to-talk with presence-driven, phone-like calling and texting, as well as an easy-to-use email gateway for additional means of communication through one source. Dispatch employees can use their PCs to talk and send messages to others on their radios and messages can be sent to both individuals and groups.

SafeDispatch™ and SafeNet™ data applications are also used for continuous monitoring of a digital radio fleet using Google, OpenStreet or custom maps. The applications let dispatchers see the positions of vehicles and re-route them around traffic.

The GPS/ AVL solutions track radio assets with unlimited geo-zones, geo-corridors, and alerts. The app provides maps of groups of radios or individual radios with animated bread-crumbing that will play back the historical route of each unit. There is even an app to monitor your fleet from your mobile phone/tablet/PC, SafeDispatch™ Mobile.

SafeDispatch™ and SafeNet™ are ideal solutions for projects requiring communication with multiple simultaneous radio talk groups, allowing for seamless collaboration between all parties, through an intuitive all-in-one tool that addresses the increasing complexity of digital two-way radio networks.

Digital Radio Is the Platform

If the subject of apps seem a little too advanced for your needs now, it might not be in the future. Even if you don’t need apps at the moment, you can still use digital radios for their original intended purpose and have the option to expand when you decide you want to.

Digital devices are one of the few products that can improve over time. When you buy a computer, you don’t have everything on the computer that you may want in the future, but you do have the computer itself. You have the platform. You can add the functionality you want or need. Digital radios offer that same promise of expandability and we at SafeMobile are happy to assist you and will answer your needs when you’re ready.

For more information about SafeDispatch™ and SafeNet™ two-way radio apps, please visit www.safemobile.com/solutions.

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